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Wednesday, June 08, 2022

Wednesday Waiting on the Weather. Tropics Quiet. Models Musing on Possibilities. Nothing Happening Today or Tomorrow.


You can see from all the blue and green there's nothing happening.
No vorticity anywhere in the Caribbean, GOM or SW Atlantic. 
A really neat Tropical Wave crossing the Atlantic.
I mean it has a pulse.
Yes I said "neat" but not ready for prime time.

No yellow circles.
No purple splotches.

There's a whole in the Atlantic.
Actually it's a high pressure area.
It's steering everything WEST.... 
...but shear and dry air from SAL inhibits development.

VERY LONG RANGE MODELS ... possibilities.
I know rinse, repeat.
Somewhere Cranky is reading this yawning.
Cranky Weather is missed.
He could write a weather novel out of nothing.

Personally I'm shopping for a dress.
Maybe a few...
A son is getting married in June in Georgia.
I'm pretty sure I'd be thrown out if I wore black.
I have a cute black flapper like dress... 
...but it's black and it's the South and summer.

Flowers are in.... 
...I tried more blue flowered dresses than you can imagine.
Blue is a big color this summer.
Wild red dress... but a bit much unless you're a Diva.
I mean really.... I almost tried it on.
I want classy and simple but not boring.

Check out the 3 Amigos over Africa.
Will that collide into one huge wave.
Or two waves?
Waiting on waves.

No cheap flights to Miami this coming week.
Sometimes you find one for $69
But not anymore.... 
...yes thought on it but no not happening.
I just know I could find the perfect dress at Aventura.
Some sale rack in JC Pennys... 
Not doing purple or red.

What's a girl to do without a dress and no waves to watch ??

I'll be back tomorrow.
Maybe discuss the long range models.

Besos BobbiStorm
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Note I did not say stalk me LOL.

Ps. I have 2 blue cocktail dreses with flowers on them because it's the summer of 2022! Another one ordered that hasn't arrived yet... or just wear the flapper black cocktail dress?



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