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Tuesday, April 27, 2021

Hurricane Supplies. Yes, It's That Time of Year. Buy Then Now... One Can at a Time.


So rather than talk about the satellite presentation today as there is nothing going on today in the tropics but know now that the 2021 Hurricane Season IS just about a month away and hurricanes will happen whether you like it or not. That's why the NHC and all the news outlets lead with Hurricane Preparation this time of year and that's wise.  Every year people complain they had to run out to Publix at the last minute and stock up on hurricane supplies and then often they complain it was all for naught because the hurricane swerved away and now they spent a fortune "for nothing" and obviously they seem upset.  Apparently it's not a good thing to have too many crackers, tuna and peanut butter in the house or they'd rather have been blown away fully prepared. I've never understood the logic of waiting, waiting and waiting til the last minute to make that fast run to Publix where it's a zoo. 

After Hurricane Andrew all I could remember was the rush to Publix and Walgreens and the store being mobbed like it was the Super Bowl and placing children in line to wait, older children mind you, while we ran around foraging for anything we could find that was kosher, had a shelf life and we might actually want to eat if we actually lost power. By the way it did cost a fortune, add in diapers for a newborn, a baby and a toddler and yes I grabbed any brand of Baby Wipes I could get.  Okay, yes I did that back then as money was tight and Miami hadn't had a real hurricane in over 20 years but now I'm older, wiser and I'm not doing that again!

Know it does NOT have to be that way. And while I am posting the link to Publix's site for Hurricane Supplies below, know that almost all of these can be bought at the Dollar Store IF money is an issue for you. And, many can be bought over the next month one trip to the Dollar Store at a time.  If you are anything like me you do make frequent runs to the Dollar Store and rather than pick up things you don't need (don't we all?) grab a box of crackers, cookies or chips and store them away for Hurricane Supplies. You can buy 6 bottles of water for a dollar at the Dollar Store on any given day. Why are you waiting? It's not your style? Maybe your style needs changing???

Also as time goes by, your must need hurricane supplies change over time so update your list regularly. If you are in Florida you can pick up some beer one can at a time but we can talk on that another day soon!

Do what you can when you can to make those hours and minutes before you have to go into Hurricane Lockdown easier, cheaper and more manageable as Lord knows the list of things to do is long and anxiety is rampant. Just do it one can at a time....   

Sweet Tropical Dreams, 

BobbiStorm   @bobbistorm on Twitter and Instagram

Really in need of some tropical beaches and a constant breeze these days but taking life here one day at a time.


At 7:44 AM, Anonymous Jay Leonard Schwartz said...

Make a list; check it twice! Go for variety, lest:
"Every morning, every night
I can't eat another bite
All day long and in my dreams
I keep on a-eatin' pork and beans"
(Pork & Beans Blues - Johnny Blaine -


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