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Sunday, August 04, 2013

MIAMI... Dressed in Saharan Dust &...Some Magical Miami Kids...

I always say if it's tropical it's topical and there is nothing more tropical than the way Miami looks lit up at sunset with the colorful glow of Saharan Dust. My Facebook feed is filled tonight with images taken without filters without even fancy phones in some cases ....of Miami dressed up in purple, pink and red and the exotic wardrobe was courtesy of Cousin Sal...

Is that awesome? Not editing them down, because I want you to see them LARGE and HUGE the way they look in person. Miami might have looked like that during the filming of Miami Vice...but it was done with special effects. Tonight's sunset was brought to you by African Dust and if the pattern doesn't change it will also be sending us Tropical Storms and Hurricanes on those same trade winds that brought tonight's sunsets.

No filter... taken by my friend's daughter Tamby.

Another friend's son Aaron Holder... put up this picture earlier today. Hoping he uses it for a CD cover somewhere down his musical Miami road...

That is for real... beautiful, stunning and I love it.

And, why pray tell am I waxing poetic about African Dust and Miami?

Cause.... I want to? Cause we are having dust.. cause it happens some years..
...and cause there are no storms to write about ...except my kids and my kid's friends
who are like storms trust me :) and who know more about Miami and tropical weathr
than you can imagine...

and in 2005 in July we were dealing with you know what?
A really BAD outbreak of Saharan African Dust and I was losing it online
typing my little heart out and bored and throwing my things in a bag
and catching a ride out of town to Key West faster than you could say
Bye Bye Bobbi

From my blog:
"I'm in Miami this weekend.. didn't go to Key West with my brother as he just always wimps out on things like this. Can't be spontaneous to save his life and always worrying on every decision. Which is okay because truth is I plan to go down there soon during weekday time frame so I can do some research that you can't do on Sundays when business offices are closed and the town is full of tourists dressed like Hemingway. I'm a Fitzgerald girl.. anyway, why would I want to go down there this weekend? 

Going out, doing something with my son who is home alone while all the older kids have flown the coop this summer. Going somewhere I can feel the sun and the wind and the waves before the Great Saharan Dust Storm of 2005 settles its fine dust upon the land and dangerously close to my lungs.

Thank you for reading this ... may not have a lot to do with the tropics but hey you were warned.. was just random thoughts from my very organized mind."

Here's a look at the 2005 Hurricane Season... which took off like a rocket a short time later..

So, while you think on that image of a busy season... which by the way featured mid-summer cold fronts..

July 28, 2005 --from article above...
"The Caribbean islands and south Florida are bracing for their next major weather event. It's not a hurricane, though; it's a dust storm, an enormous cloud of red sand. And get this: It's kicked up in the Sahara Desert and rides the trade winds all the way across the Atlantic. One person who's spent his career watching this sort of event is Dr. Joseph Prospero. He's a professor of marine and atmospheric science at the University of Miami in Florida." 

Happens often.... follow the dust like you follow a money trail... few waves or storms will follow that same trail
which has been nicely highlighted as if by cookie crumbs so...

Saharan Dust is a two edged sword... it cuts a path through the Atlantic and severs the tropical waves from their source of  moisture and then.... later... something changes and hurricanes follow that same path..


I'm going to talk on Miami and a friend and some music while I watch the Fins... lose...most likely..

The guy that took this picture is also a true Miami original... here's a shot of him hanging with his friends.

Aaron who is quite tall and very strong he is the one on the bottom of this tropical pyramid...  carrying his friends on his shoulder. 

Aaron is a musician and an amazing song writer and singer... the cover to his first CD is below.
Also about as Miami as it gets... a smooth voice with a Miami sound and incredible lyrics.

Rivka Bauman Photography

You should listen to his music... buy his CD.... share it with friends. It won't be his first and he is so Miami.. so Miami Beach... great kid with an awesome voice and a band of friends and fans who adore him.

On a Miami Nite while I watch the Fins on TV and try and figure out what to do next, I'm listening to Aaron during commercials and smiling at the beauty of what it is to grow up on Miami Beach a block from the ocean and to enjoy Lincoln Road and Bayside as your personal shopping Malls. It's a good life.

I worked with his father in 1993, 94 oh my goodness... 1995 and some other years in there as well. Some of the best times of my life in many ways. Once, in his father's office, we stood watching real live dolphins swimming up Indian Creek and then.... watched them turn around and swim back again so close you could reach out and touch them almost.. Beautiful. And, more beautiful is watching my kids hang out with the kids I watched grow up and they get stronger... every day. Past the problems of childhood, bad teachers and learning problems and new schools and buying school supplies and some of the most talented were sometimes the hardest to raise. Thinking on my daughter the artist who was dyslexic and would rather draw than read. Or my very serious son who helped out on this CD cover that I love and the posters with the palm trees in the background.

Miami... it makes its indelible mark on your soul when you grow up there ... and at the same time you know that it could all be blown away in a storm. And, you don't care... You care it could be blown away and would have to be rebuilt... it's worth it to live there.  When you take an evening walk over the bridge on 41st Street and stare at the Neon lights of the Fountainblue and Eden Roc reflected in the dark water of the creek where I've seen manatees and dolphins swim.. and you feel the breeze coming at you from the ocean ruffling your hair and making you smile... a soft caress in the tropical night.

Nothing shimmers and shines more than Miami at night... especially in an African Dust Storm.

And, when you need to sit by the water... you walk over and sit down on the rocks and you sing your heart out. Or you drive over to Watson Island and stare at Miami sitting, hovering over the water it seems and your heart sings... even if you don't sing as beautiful as Aaron does with his rich baritone voice that seers it's way into your soul.,0,5980041.story

Aaron doesn't know I'm writing this...he's hanging with his friends watching the game or doing what he does and it's just something that hit me that needed to be done.

To understand the tropics... you have to understand the people who live there and the lives they live ...

This is one of my daughter Dina's designs.... you can check out her site too! Look at the use of color.

It's tropical and I don't even think she realizes it... the colors of the sun, the sand, the water...

She does multi-media... a very creative young woman... gold leaf on top of original designs or any design you give her.  When I sent her to Israel ...or rather she went to Israel.. rather than babysitting or cleaning like some girls there do ...she bought backgammon boards and decorated them with colored glitter pens I sent in themes that her friends would buy. She's awesome.

Another work of hers in progress... Neptunian colors with spiritual themes in art.

That's Aaron and his father Dr. Jay Holder the way I remember Aaron as a baby.

Check out his CD...his Facebook...

It's no longer coming.. it's here :)

Designs By Sruly Inc.
Rivka Bauman Photography  <-- nbsp="" p="">
Or you could check out my best friend's daughter Esther who writes music for women while raising her babies and being the amazing musician she is...raised around the corner from me on Miami Beach.

Stunning like her mommy...

My oldest son's design company and promotion company...and he also doesn't know that I am doing this though Esther's mother Malka is online with me while I am typing...

And, a sign..poster he did for Esther's sister who with her husband are Chabad of Miami Lakes..

Tropical... water..........the sun shining...

Growing up on Miami Beach is golden and anyone who has knows what I mean... can't think of anything better.

And... when I drove around the town the night before Andrew made landfall and stared at all the stores boarded up with visions of the 1926 Great Miami Hurricane dancing in my head... I prayed like I never prayed before but in different ways... just "Dear God,  Let it be here the morning after" because we were worried it would be slammed by a 20 foot storm surge that would wash over Miami Beach... as the storm surge did in the 1926 Hurricane... a year with a strong Atlantic Ridge.

July 1926

September 1926

2013 Hurricane Season so far... connect the dots and you see... the strong High

Get ready... enjoy the night...enjoy some football...enjoy the music and the art...  

And, remember when the dust settles... and the ITZ lowers a bit and the CLIMO kicks in... we are going to have a lot to talk about tropically ... more than Magical Miami Kids :)

Besos Bobbi


Me and Malka ;)

another view of us at my son Levi's engagement party

oh Levi..who takes Mommy pics like this...

And sells Real Estate... in Miami ... loving the views..the water...the sky... another Miami Kid (okay born in LA but raised on Miami Beach)

A picture of him and his wife... down at the Deering Estate doing pictures after the wedding...

No one knows Miami.. like a Miami kid :)

We have passion and creativity and deep love for anything tropical from the rising sun to the way the palm fronds fritter in the wind... the way the wind feels on our skin...the beach... the breeze... the way the trees bend and sway and the colors of the sky when a thunderstorm hovers over head... and we grab our cameras and take pictures even before Instagram... and this goes for Key West kids and Tampa kids... we love nothing better than shooting the breeze with our friends by the water and watching the clouds float by...

365 days a year....and when we want to see the seasons we hop on Jet Blue and go for a trip :)

Besos Bobbi
Ps...Don't be afraid to buy a home here near the water...just get good hurricane shutters and learn the ropes and know that we have all been through hurricanes and then the storm passes and you still live in paradise.


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