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Saturday, August 14, 2010

Changes Coming Down the Pike... Give it a Week to 10 Days

It's a big wide world out there and even though weather is local it is also global.

Now Climate is Global and it has a pattern that over time can be seen, but day to day you can see small changes that show how the whole thing works.

If and when the locked in pattern over Russia changes.... that would be a sign and supposedly it is going to happen. If the rains in Iowa stop... If the waves begin to form in the Indian Ocean .... if the blocked set of highs and lows let loose and allow change to happen then change will happen within 10 days and Tropical Cyclones will begin to form again.

Truth is.... it's a global set up right now that is being attributed to everything from Northern Lights to the Color of the Ocean to Global Warming and Global Cooling and the Increase of Vintage Clothes being bought from Second Hand Stores in Texas to Butterfly wings and a child peeing into the ocean in Senegal.

Yup... patterns begin to shift and they are shifting... it's hard to explain but trust me on this... by the end of August we will start having hurricanes again...

Even when you look at the WV today over America it's a different image than last week.

So take a deep breath and do whatever it is that you do to unwind.

As for me... I am a Miami girl and the Miami Dolphins just won their Pre-Season Game and for me... that is BIG! Yes, I know it's only pre-season but it's my pre-season so I am a happy camper.

Currently, there is a wave off of Africa which I am watching but not buying into so fast. I like the wave OVER Africa but well the last wave OVER Africa someone sent me a link to went Poof... to the Dust Storms over the Atlantic.

Keep an eye on it.... watch any big cold front that dips down over the US ...or Europe or if a wave in the Pacific is able to go cyclonic... any change, watch it carefully and it's like lightning... could slowly... 1 day, 2 days, 3 days...

The models are showing development down the road but they were also showing rolley polley storms that came off of Africa and hit Europe and a Tropical Depression that has already died and made 2 more landfalls along the Gulf. Seems someone needs to take those models out to the woodshed and have a long talk with them.

Keep watching... I like the African Wave and development in say a week ..give or take.

Besos Bobbi
Sweet Tropical Dreams
ps...I was in Asheville last week and it was in the upper 80s... felt like the 90s. So much for cooling off in the Smokey Mountains and they seemed to have a cricket infestation in the bar we were in... go figure, almost biblical plaque like... personally I prefer Cricket from old TV shows... great song, I'd almost forgotten it. I think I had it on some oldie goldie record back when I was was simple then....


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